Construction trends & jobsite stories

Construction trends & jobsite stories

Jobsite Stories
Cebu - Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)
Mactan Island, Philippines

The Cebu - Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) is a four-lane, 27-metre wide bridge across the Mactan Canal connecting Cebu City to Cordova, Philippines.

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Port of Termini Imerese
Termini Imerese, Sicily

A vast port expansion project has started in Sicily with the construction of infrastructure and the modernization of the port of Termini Imerese. 5,000 concrete blocks (30 and 40 tons) must be produced for the protection of the port quay.

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The Cairo Monorail
Cairo, Egypt

Crossing the Greater Cairo area to link the new administrative capital to the city of 6 October, the monorail, 54 km long and comprising 21 stations, aims to facilitate the flow between the 2 urban megapoles and to make traffic more fluid for the inhabitants of Cairo.

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Mineral and bulk port of Bargny
Bargny-Sendou, Senegal
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Machelen, Belgium

In 2010, the Brussels government asked the regional public to revitalize the Cureghem site in Anderlecht, Belgium.

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Brenner Base Tunnel - The underground passage access works
Isarco river, Italy

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a rail tunnel project through the Eastern Alps, connecting Innsbruck in Austria to Fortezza in Italy passing under the Brenner Pass. With the digging of a junction with the railway bypass of Innsbruck (of), it will reach 64 km.

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Grand Paris Express - Line 15 South
Paris, France

The Grand Paris Express is the largest urban project in Europe. Its ambition is to unite the major strategic areas of the Ile-de-France region, foremost among which is Paris and the heart of the Paris metropolitan area.

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Abdelmoumen Pumping Energy Transfer Station
Agadir, Morocco

The Pumping Energy Transfer Station (Step) is located about 70 km northeast of the city of Agadir in Morocco, in the province of Taroudant, it covers an area of ​​100 hectares.
This new station will strengthen the energy independence of Morocco and increase its renewable energy development program. With an installed capacity of 350 MW, the Step Abdelmoumen will require 48 months of work and its commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

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Block 162
Denver, USA

The future Block 162 office tower located in downtown Denver will total 55 000 m2.This high-rise building is designed at 30 stories.
Parking will be on floors 2 through 10 (9 floors of podium parking), as well as three below-ground levels.

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Le Onze - Eco-responsible jobsite
Chartres, France

"Le Onze" residence in Chartres (France) is a 12 housing units, built both in accordance with an environmental new label approach (Positive energy building label with a low carbon footprint), and in favor of circular economy, with the objective to maintain balanced construction costs.
This eco-responsible project was supervised by the local Concrete Industry Federation and the Center for Studies and Research of the Concrete Industry.

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Hearth of Gare - New Nantes railway station
Nantes, France

The new Nantes railway station, known as the “Heart of gare operation”, designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, results in the creation of a 10 meters hight mezzanine above the existing rail tracks and the redevelopment of the north and south passenger buildings of the old station. The structure evokes a plant universe, inspired by organic shapes. The mezzanine roof is supported by pillars of arborescent shapes, and completed by a a honeycomb roof reminiscent of the canopy.

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Santolea Dam
Santolea, Spain

The construction of the new dam of the Santolea reservoir (Spain), fed by the Guadalope river, began in November 2018.
Its dimensions are 230 meters long, with a maximum height of 60 meters above the foundations.
In parallel, a reinforced concrete evacuation tunnel, 175 meters long, with a section of 9x5 meters was built in order to evacuate the rubble due to the construction and the sludge contained in the reservoir.
The total capacity of the new reservoir will be 104 cubic hectometers.

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Ayia Napa Marina - 2nd phase of the project

The 2nd phase of the construction of the luxury development in Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus, with a budget of € 164 million includes a variety of residential, commercial and cultural uses.
Specifically, this project comprises the construction of two towers, a complex of villas and commercial buildings.

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Rennes DFRS
Rennes, France

Based in Rennes, the new DFRS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) of Ille-et-Vilaine (France) is a 7800m² complex made up of a 170-meter-long building, accompanied by a a 30 meter high office tower.

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1915 Çanakkale bridge
Çanakkale, Turkey

The Canakkale 1915 is a 3.6km suspension bridge being built over the Dardanelles Strait in the Canakkale province of Turkey.
Located at the western end of the Marmara Sea, the bridge is expected to become the longest suspension bridge in the world, upon completion.

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Ariane 6 launch pad
Kourou, Guyana

Based in Kourou Space Base, Guyana, Ariane 6’s major jobsite started in June 2016 is currently being finalized. The construction of the launch pad building of the future Rocket will end at the beginning of 2020. The development of the Rocket Launch will continue until its launch.

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The Leonardo entrance
Sandtone, South AFrica

The Leonardo began construction on 17 November 2015.
It is a 55 floor mixed-use property development in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa that stands at a height of 234 metres .
The building includes stores, a hotel and apartments.
On April 2019, it became the tallest building in Africa.

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The new coastal highway
Reunion Island

This offshore viaduct is built 70 meters from the coast.
It will stretch along the northwest coast of Reunion Island and will connect the island’s main city to the commercial port.

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The eZimbokodweni Bridge
Thekwini, South Africa

Located in the Philani Valley in Umlazi (South Africa), the eZimbokodweni River Bridge was designed with the aim of securing the night crossing of the river below. Before its construction, the inhabitants and the wild flora then faced many problems due to the darkness - wild pollution - illegal exploitation of sands - risk of falling - criminality.

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