Block 162

Denver, USA -
June 2018, completion expected December 2020

Jobsite description

The future Block 162 office tower located in downtown Denver will total 55 000 m2. This high-rise building is designed at 30 stories.
Parking will be on floors 2 through 10 (9 floors of podium parking), as well as three below-ground levels.
Block 162 will have about 2800 square meter of retail space and a lobby on the ground floor. Offices will be on the 11th through 30th floors. The 11th floor also will house a fitness center, lounge and outdoor deck space.

Block 162
Block 162

Project description & CHRYSO expertise

The construction site represents a total volume of 43,000 m3 of concrete.
2200 m3 of Mass Concrete footing were used at ground level.
White decorative hexagonal shape 1m-diameter columns at first floor and, columns-walls throughout structure were both poured using class C60 - 68 MPA concrete.
Cast in place decks (slabs) were of classes C30-C40 -C50.

CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 258 EMx superplasticizer was selected for this project and CHRYSO expert teams provided technical support for both plant site production of concrete & job site assistance for foundation.

Beyond excellent early strength performance, CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 258 EMx allowed for very good workability retention and pumpability.
It provided the capability to pump 300m³/hour with 4 pumps and with optimal mixer truck rotation time.


  • Superplasticizer: CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 258 EMx
Block 162

Project technical challenges

The outstanding performance and robustness of CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 258 EMx allowed for the production a wide range of concrete from C20 to C60, with both grey and white cements, and 20% fly ash content with reduced carbon footprint.

Block 162 photo gallery

Project participants

Owner: Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate
Project manager:
Concrete supplier:
Martin Marietta

Photo credits : Ryan Dravitz Photography

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