CHRYSO MATURIX® Concrete monitoring

CHRYSO Maturix® is a global service offer to optimize the benefits of real-time concrete monitoring, for companies with or without experience in maturity control. It combines the state-of-the-art hardware and software with the support of CHRYSO Concrete experts.

Real time concrete monitoring for added-value concrete

CHRYSO Maturix® is one of the most advanced solution for concrete monitoring worldwide. Durable hardware, simple online software and true wireless connectivity all combined into an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool. Maturix® automatically calculates the concrete maturity and estimates concrete strengths. CHRYSO offers its expertise in concrete to benefit the most from the Maturix® hardware and software. CHRYSO experts assist you for your set-up and your concrete calibration. This innovative  digital service for real time and remote concrete maturity monitoring contributes to improve productivity,  generates savings and provides detailed documentation of your added-value concrete, such as low C02 or winter mix-designs.  


How to use CHRYSO Maturix® ?

CHRYSO Maturix® can be deployed easily to monitor your concrete temperature and strength development. 
All data is transferred wirelessly and analysed automatically, giving you instant information.

CHRYSO Maturix® gives you wireless and automatic quality documentation on your concrete. It helps you save time and money - letting you know in real time when your concrete is ready for the next steps.

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JOBSITE applications

CHRYSO Maturix® will help you follow remotly your jobsite,  save time and optimize your costs by knowing accurately when you have reached the target to pursue new construction stage:

  • Automatic and wireless reporting of temperature and strength
  • Integration of real temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Sensors analyse the impact of climatic conditions on the strength development.
  • On site behavior control for specific concrete such as low CO2 mix design.
  • Concrete monitoring allows to reduce jobsites visits
  • Immediate formwork removal once the target is reached
  • Customizable notification alerts per email and sms when the strength target has been reached
  • Documentation of your added-value concrete formulations


Jobsite application
Precast application

PRECAST applications

By monitoring acurrately all your concrete precast elements in your plant, you can improve the planning, productivity and optimize costs production.

  • Improved productivity with curing time adjustements
  • Optimization of your production planning
  • Measuring accuracy: strenght concrete monitoring in the weakest points of the concrete elements
  • Savings on heating (lower energy cost) and quality control needs (reduce the number of cubes to break)
  • Concrete formulation optimization during climate change transition
  • Automatic documentation on the production

BÉNEFICES from the Maturix® solution


Reduce project time

Real time concrete monitoring


concrete performance

Automatic and remote access


Reduce risks of cracks

Reduce cracks for heavy elements or during cold conditions


Increase safety removal

Knowing exactly when to remove your molds

LABORATORY applications

Maturix is a key solution for concrete laboraties, to optimize performances and fast results in formulating new concrete mix-design.

  • Real time documentation and continuous reading at very early strength acquisition
  • Trials optimization and quantified comparison of the early strength acquisition, for new mix design development
  • Efficient concrete analyses with new raw materials or specific concrete, such as low CO2 bas carbone
  •  Winter and summer formulations optimization 
Maturix TM

CHRYSO Maturix® Services

CHRYSO is offering a full range of services, from set-up to specific formulation.
Our services  will be adapted to your knowledge in concrete maturity.

CHRYSO Maturix®

Maturix services
  • Set up
  • Initiation to concrete monitoring
  • On-site training


Maturix services
  • Definition of the activation energy of one of your mix-design

Pack tech 

Maturix services

Using Maturix® for your projects and adjusted to your needs:

  • Added value concrete
  • Formulating new concretes
  • Optimisation of existing mix-designs
Maturix Online Softward


The Maturix® online software is a simple web application, which can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Adapted to all devices connected to the internet
  • Notifications
  • Easy collaboration
  • Automatic documentation
  • Export data and PDF for easy sharing
  • Local weather data integration
MATURIX® case studies
  • High rise

    High-Rise Building Karla Tower

    Karla Tower is going to be the tallest building in Scandinavia. With Maturix the project team has gained insights into the curing process in real-time and was able to achieve weekly flooring cycles. The solution convinced with its  flexible usage and accuracy to ensure safe and efficient curing as well aswith its automatic documentation features.

    Benefits of Maturix for this project :

    Safe & efficient curing

    Safe & efficient curing

    Time savings


    Data based decisions

  • Bridge Construction Bagsværd,

    Having the real-time insight into the concrete curing process enabled the project team to plan better, act according to data and in the end, remove the formwork faster to save time and money. Based on real-time meas-urements, the optimal formwork removal time was determined while ensuring safety. At this bridge project the contractor was able to remove the shuttering against the expected 14 days after 7 days. The huge time saving enabled cut down rental costs for equipment drastically.

    Benefits of Maturix for this project :

    Curing time by half

    Cutting curing time by half

  • Contiga A/S,  precast factory 

    Since Contiga has started to use Maturix, they reduces the risk of damage and the resulting waste from splipage drastically while increasing their capacity. With the integration of Maturix in their heat control system, the heating cost decreased up to 25%.
    Gaining insights into the curing process in real-time enabled Contiga to optimize their concrete mix and reduce their break tests at the same time. The available dashboards and automatic documentation make Maturix further a valuable digitalization tool.

    Benefits of Maturix for this project :

    Increased production capacity

    Increased production capacity

    Increase of planning accuracy

    Increase of planning accuracy

    Co2 saving


    Elimination of waste due to slippage

    Elimination of waste due to slippage

Maturix services


CHRYSO has exclusive distribution agreements of MATURIX® hardware and software in many countries. Please get in touch with your local contact via CHRYSO local website.

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To learn more about the CHRYSO Maturix® offer, contact us.
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