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Global FutureCem Virtual Conference features CHRYSO as an enabler for low-carbon Cements


Today CHRYSO has wrapped up its first conference "Breakthrough additive solutions for low-carbon cements" at Global FutureCem Conference engaging 900 attendees.
First construction chemical company producing additives for Cement to participate and to examine the way forward the cements of the future, CHRYSO is at the forefront of innovation developing solutions for low-carbon cements.
As detailed in the Technology Roadmap Low-Carbon Transition in the Cement Industry, the reduction of the clinker to Cement ratio shows great potential for reducing CO2 emissions.

Mr Laurent Guillot, Western Europe Cement Business Development Director ? CHRYSO, introduced the general benefits of strength enhancers for Clinker factor reduction.
Focussing on 2 levers, chemical activation to improve cement strengths and process parameters to boost cement performance, CHRYSO fosters the use of SCM content in cements.

CHRYSO highlights on 2 breakthrough technologies:

  • CHRYSO®AMA 100 EL Technology reduces carbon footprint of blended cements.
    This powerful technology, optimal for blended cements, provides high levels of compressive strengths, both at early age and 28 days.
    These tailor-made solutions maximize the use of locally available supplementary cementitious materials and enable to use together different mineral additions to produce low-carbon high quality cements.
  • CHRYSO®ICARE Technology is a new patent-pending innovation that overtakes process limitations to achieve extra-activation.
    CHRYSO®ICARE strength enhancers enable to achieve high mill performance without process bottleneck. These additives boost cement compressive strengths, considering powder flowability control and/or particles finesses.
    This disruptive technology is developed into 2 specific ranges:

L' Global FutureCem setting provided the broad cement community with the latest developments to achieve their CO2 emissions reduction commitments through the reduction of clinker factor.

To further reduce Cement CO2 Emissions, CHRYSO collaborates with cement industrials, start-up compagnies, and universities to foster the development of the new and future cements.

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