Concrete Admixtures

CHRYSO offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions for ready-mix concrete at the plant or on site and a wide range of solutions to cover all wet cast and dry cast requirements. Our solutions are dedicated to improve concrete performance, production, workability, aesthetics and sustainability.

Key challenges for concrete producers

We design, produce, market and deliver our own systems and solutions for concrete producers and users all over the world.
HIgh performance
High performance
Local ressources Optimization
Local resources optimization
Solutions for challenging jobsite
Durable construction
Sustainable construction
Cost optimization
Mix design

Our Concrete Solutions

Improve fresh concrete performance
Improve hardened concrete performance
Decrease materials and construction costs
Environmental footprint optimization
  • Extend concrete workability
    CHRYSO provides solutions, to extend the workability of concrete with limited impact on early strengths. CHRYSO developed very high-range water reducing superplasticizers to deliver better strength and an improved finish of the fresh concrete
  • Concrete pumping optimization
    To answer new construction challenges as high-rise buildings or underground structures, CHRYSO deploys news solutions to increase long distance and vertical concrete pumping.

  • Improve concrete placeability and finishability
    CHRYSO combines mix design know-how and new concrete solutions to deliver exceptional fluidity, a rapid filling of complex moulds and an excellent surface finish quality.

Our solutions
Water reducer superplasticizers deliver better strength and an improved appearance of the fresh concrete.
A flexible dosage range that allows for the production of cohesive concrete from low to high slump.
To extend the workability of concrete with limited impact on early strengthsd
Precast applications: exceptional fluidity, a rapid filling of complex moulds and an excellent surface finish quality
Dedicated to tunnels segments: improved placeability, superior surface concrete finish and high early compressive strengths
  • High Strength Concrete
    CHRYSO deploys solutions for High Strength Concrete (HSC), dedicated to project such as highway engineering structures, high rise buildings, tunnelling and Hydraulic structures.

  • Robustness and durability
    Long term durability is a key challenge in our construction environment and CHRYSO has developed a full range of services and technologies to increase the service life of large infrastructures and buildings projects.

  • Ultra High-Performance Concrete
    Rheology and performance characteristics of Ultra High-Performance Concrete makes it a very unique material. CHRYSO has developed a unique comprehensive Know-How regarding Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC).

  • Aesthetics and Durable concrete
    In addition to its structural properties, concrete aesthetic is a key factor in the success of your project. CHRYSO propose a wide range of finishes, colours and surface treatments that will enhance the aesthetic quality and durability of your buildings and structures.


Our solutions
Superplasticizers’ range allows cohesive, low viscous concrete,with long workability retention
Superplasticisers especially designed for precast concrete which require high short-term strength.
Shrinkage inhibitor
Allows effective crack control in concrete
Release agents that deliver easy demoulding  of concrete during delayed or immediate demoulding on all types of moulds and allow high finish quality. 


Comprehensive range of decorative solutions for new projects or renovations, for residential, tertiary or urban developments.
  • Tailor made Solutions
    CHRYSO tailor made services and solutions allow concrete producers to optimize their cost/performance ratio and increase their productivity.
    Innovative technologies address our customers’ specific challenges such as outstanding pumpability needs, ultra-high early strength or reduced carbon footprint.  


  • Materials optimization
    Challenging aggregates and new cementitious materials require dedicated chemical solutions.
    CHRYSO has developed dedicated product ranges allowing concrete producers to deliver consistent, reliable and cost-efficient concrete.
Our solutions
Cost/performance ratio optimization: slump retention, low viscosity and long distance pumping performances
Dedicated range to significantly drive down sand procurement costs thanks to local resources.
This range allows a fast setting time of the concrete and a consistent quality of production
Acceleration system for precast concrete
Improved concrete rheology over a broad range of aggregates
Hardening accelerating admixture
  • Extend materials resources
    CHRYSO offers solutions to allow the use of a wider range of sands, including challenging aggregates which improve the use of local resources and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Low-carbon footprint concrete solutions
    Our technologies contribute to the protection of the environment by allowing a reduction of Portland cement content while maintaining or improving concrete performances.
    CHRYSO constantly develops new admixture solutions adapted to the latest low carbon binder solutions.
    Dedicated products and services also address sustainability through concrete recycling and waste reduction

  • Maturometry: Concrete monitoring solutions
    CHRYSO offers real-time concrete monitoring solution to control concrete maturity, predict concrete strength and accelerate jobsite completion.

Our solutions
Allows for local aggregates sourcing with a limited CO2 transportation impact.
Innovative service for real-time and remote concrete maturity monitoring, contributes to reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions
Enhancer for pervious concrete
Enables extensive use of SCM whether in concrete or in cement, without compromising on materials performance

CHRYSO Concrete technologies

Our Technologies provide value creation in construction ecosystem
CLEAR & GRAFT Technologies
CLEAR® & GRAFT Technologies
CLEAR® TECHNOLOGY Specifically targets excess of fines and swelling clay problematics, by helping to disperse the binders and reduce viscosity to improve placeability & finishability GRAFT TECHNOLOGY Specifically targets lack of fines and compacity problematics, by enhancing concrete cohesiveness and finishability.
Optima 1000 Technology
CHRYSO®Optima 1000 Technology

A flexible solution that adapts to major project specifications.
A range designed around three specific performances:

  • Workability retention​​
  • Water reduction​
  • Pumpability
Fill Free Technology

Provide exceptional placing properties for Self-Compacting/Consolidating Concrete SCC, with exceptional fluidity, complex moulds’ rapid filling and excellent/flawless surface finish quality.

Rover Technology

Rover solutions encompass several technologies. They allow for a very significant improvement of robustness/consistency regardless of concrete other constituent’s eventual properties’ variations.


A response to decrease CO2 emission through the reduction of Portland cement content and the extensive use of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) or new binders (geopolymers).

LATEST Innovation


Innovative solution for the use of challenging sands

CHRYSO®Quad Solution

  • Improves concrete quality and performance when using challenging materials including manufactured sands.
  • Reduces environmental impact (carbon footprint)
  • Allows for the use of local resources

Discover CHRYSO®CLEAR Test: an innovative and fast service to analyse your sand.

A customised services offering and a close proximity to clients

CHRYSO combines its wide range of admixtures and additives to a large panel of services. This includes the advice of our experts in the areas that are key to the daily performance of our customers' businesses: dosage equipment, supply-chain solutions, training, new digital services and technical assistance.

Supply-chain solutions & Dosage equipment

beton service

CHRYSO supports your teams daily throughout the logistic chain: both during the product development and the management of your supplies and installations.

Mix-design, Technical services and Customer training

beton service

Concrete formulation
CHRYSO assists you in the formulation of concrete mix design with our technical expert teams and  give guidance with the formulation of concrete and admixture optimization.

Technical assistance and training
Specific services assistance and  training sessions are provided by our Technical teams and enable concrete professionals and new comers to rapidly learn the latest evolutions of materials.


beton service

CHRYSO offers customer added value services as CHRYSO®Maturix, maturometry monitoring, prediction & optimization and provides innovative service linked to logistic chain.


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