The construction industry calls for a continuous evolution of techniques and solutions to achieve high challenges.
In this context, excellency of innovation is the rock-solid asset, upon which CHRYSO builds its ever-renewed range of technologies, bringing added-value solutions and services to sustain its clients' ambition.

Innovation serving our customers

CHRYSO R&D relies on both its specialists that have a deep understanding of physico-chemical expertise of binders / admixtures interactions and its technical experts that have a comprehensive knowledge of materials.
Innovation at CHRYSO

Innovation is our Chemistry

  • Innovation is in our DNA

37% of our turnover is generated from products under 5-year-old.
Our passion for building materials and our agility encourage Innovation.

  • R&D profile

15% of our work force is dedicated to Research and Development.
With 5 R&D centres covering our main regions and  35 applicative labs, innovation is at the core of CHRYSO's DNA and drives our growth perspectives.

  • Patents

With more than 320 patents registered at the end of 2019, CHRYSO drives forward its innovation on building materials.
Patenting is not only a technology innovation indicator but also reflects the creative minds of our R&D and technical team members.

Innovation committed to Sustainability

  • Green-design

Since 2012, CHRYSO has been using a sustainable development approach in the design of its new products, which is based on a simplified life cycle analysis.

  • Sustainability

At CHRYSO, Eco-design (use of biosourcing materials) and Green building criteria, are considered to contribute to more responsible construction modes.
92% of our Product Developments contribute either to Sustainable Development or Sustainable Construction

Innovation green laboratory

Open innovation at CHRYSO

innovation at CHRYSO

Our partnerships

CHRYSO works alongside with its customers, universities and start-up to design the next generation technologies and services
CHRYSO has set up Academic Partnerships and supports many PhD thesis projects.
We also partner with world class laboratories, thus nurturing our knowledge of Cement and Concrete materials.
These unique collaborations pioneer the future of building materials


CHRYSO’s mission is to work closely along with its partners and contribute to the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions.
As an active member of INNOVANDI, the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network, we participate to the acceleration of Innovation on Sustainability.

How CHRYSO innovations respond to the construction challenges?

CHRYSO Optima1000

Increasingly complex jobsites

  • Increasingly complex jobsites require superior tailor-made admixture technologies.
  • The highly adjustable CHRYSO®Optima 1000 concrete admixture technology answers the requirements of major construction projects designed to transcend three specific performances:
  1. Workability retention
  2. Water reduction
  3. Pumpability
Chryso Quad

concrete raw material performance

  • Addressing coarse aggregate and sand issues in the concrete mix is a key lever for concrete producers.
  • Because sands can significantly impact concrete placing and performance, CHRYSO®Quad innovation is based on a unique approach to analyze your sand, considering excess of fines, clay contamination, lack of fines, shape factor, to provide you with the best-fit admixture solution.
  • CHRYSO®Quad allows the use of a wider range of sands and to achieve cost reductions in sand procurements.
Learn more about interaction 
between clay & admixtures


  • Jobsites will be data driven in the near future.
  • CHRYSO, as concrete expert, in partnership with Sensohive digital start-up, have developed a new standard in concrete performance monitoring and prediction.
  • Maturix unique service comprises a cloud-based solution using IoT network and wearable sensors, helping the construction industry to monitor concrete curing and hardening through hydration temperature measurements.
  • Advanced analytics will allow for increased productivity, enhanced concrete quality and mix design optimization.
Green cement

Cement carbon footprint reduction

  • CHRYSO is committed to accompany the ambition of cement manufacturers to reduce their CO2 emissions.
  • Developing breakthrough cement activation technologies providing extra-performance to reduce clinker factor is one of our main goals.
  • Both CHRYSO®AMA 100 EL technology and CHRYSO®ICARE innovation are designed to limit the environmental  footprint of cement production in a profitable way, by enabling the substitution of clinker by more environmentally friendly and cost effective materials.


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CASE STUDY: Optimization of clinker content in limestone-based cements - Ball Mill process

OBJECTIVE This case study is based on a real field trial to produce cement with lower carbon footprint optimazing clinker factor and SCM content. The 2 main objectives of the field trial were: From product side: to substitute Type 1 cement (CEM I) by Type 1L cement (CEM II/A-L) maintaining strength profile equal or better […]

Activation of slag blended cements by amines

Cements containing blast furnace slags such as CEM III cements are increasingly used in both precast and ready-mixed concrete to improve the environmental footprint. However, the replacement of clinker by slag at a content varying between 35 and 95 wt% leads to a significant slow-down of cement hydration and consequently to a loss of early […]

LuminTech®, coloured photoluminescent particles for decorative concrete

The introduction of luminescent pigments in materials in order to provide visibility in low light or zero brightness (night, shade, darkness, interior unlit due to an electric failure...) is sought. There are different types of luminescence depending on the excitement: bioluminescence with enzymatic excitation, thermoluminescence with thermal action… Photoluminescent particles have the property of absorbing […]

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