A group with strong values

At CHRYSO, ZERO ACCIDENT is more than a target: it is the main priority for one and all. We must all act with this in mind on the understanding that a situation of zero accident can only be achieved through our everyday decisions and actions.


Entrepreneurship must be at the heart of our individual behaviour, as well as a driver for collective action. It is all about taking the initiative, being creative and fostering risk-taking, while applying rigorous discipline when it comes to decision making and implementing action plans. Our company has been built on stand-out product INNOVATIONS, and we all have at heart to keep up our innovative mind going.


We all ensure that what we are doing or planning to do has real meaning for our customers, and keep being increasingly focused on the result.


Every employee must be fully familiar with the responsibility which comes with their job, the resources available and how this responsibility fits in with the road map for their activity. In parallel, our management teams must work to build and strengthen a motivating working atmosphere in which autonomy is never confused with independence.


The sense of Human responsibilities is built through dialogue and exchange so that everyone can realize what works and what doesn’t.
Our group has at heart to give its staff members the chance to achieve professionnal fulfilment and offer them with real prospects for career advancement by promoting equal opportunities to all.

Beyond the figures and overall financial performance, it is first and foremost the attitude of the men and women of CHRYSO which keeps this Group spirit and solidarity alive, an essential condition for sharing expertise, viewpoints as well as opportunities for development. To keep this spirit going, we all rally around the following KEY VALUES, which we all share.
Thierry Bernard