Technical assistance

We support our customers through our laboratories or in field teams.

  • CHRYSO®Pack Tech’
    Optimization of the concrete mix design and development of adapted admixture solutions.
High-level services

Quality service on a daily basis

CHRYSO supports your teams throughout the logistic chain: both during equipment installation  and daily supply.

  • CHRYSO®Pack Log’
    Bulk & packaged deliveries
  • CHRYSO®Pack Instal’
    Automatic dispensing
  • CHRYSO®Pack Visio
    Remote inventory monitoring


Training sessions are provided by our Technical teams.

  • CHRYSO®Pack Cursus
    Customers & Partners training programs (Concrete Technology training, Screed Academy…).
  • Concrete Academy
    Dedicated to decorative concrete solutions & application.

Dedicated Service Offers

CHRYSO added value expertise with technical and R&D teams support, and innovative digital services.

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