Climate changewaste and water management are major challenges for the construction industry.
Discover how CHRYSO, as a construction chemical company, innovates to bring solutions to this new challenging environment.

Reduction of carbon footprint


  • Low Co2 cement
    Clinker factor reduction in cement can be achieved thanks to activation technologies.
  • Low Co2 concrete
    • Increase the use of alternate binders both in cement and concrete:
      • SCM (fly ash, slag, filler, calcined clay…), in concrete or in blended cement.
      • Innovative binders. Ex: geopolymers.
    • Fostering the production of low CO2 concrete in partnering with innovative start-up and major players/stakeholders of the construction industry.
  • Energy savings
    • Cement plant: energy savings during the grinding process.
    • In precast: optimizing heating timer during curing process.
    • In concrete: use of local sourcing to decrease logistics fuel consumption.

Designed to limit the environmental footprint of cement production, by enabling the substitution of clinker by more environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials.

Enables extensive use of SCM whether in concrete or in cement, without compromising on materials performance.

Allows for local aggregates sourcing with a limited CO2 transportation impact.

An innovative service for real-time and remote concrete maturity monitoring, that contributes to reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

Circular construction

  • Eco-design of our products (life-cycle analysis)
  • Use of recycled materials and local aggregates (sands, manufactured aggregates…)
  • New materials produced thanks to returned concrete
  • Waste water treatment and water capture

Allows the use of a wider range of aggregates, including challenging sands, facilitates the use of local resources, optimizes procurement costs and lowers CO2 emissions.

Allows for the reuse of returned concrete and concrete plant waste materials.

Improves robustness of pervious concrete.

Densification of construction

  •  Vertical construction (high rise buildings) that requires vertical and/or long distance concrete pumping.
  •  Underground construction & mass transportation infrastructure
    • Concrete with low water-to-cement ratio and high-strength concrete
    • Extended durability of concrete works
  •  Concrete transportation issues imply more slump retention needs.
  •  Precast building
    • Accelerates construction cycle/planning (faster deshuttering time).
    • Modular construction.

– Long slump retention
– Low viscosity
– Over 2 km pumping

Tailor-made solutions for challenging construction sites.
– Long distance pumping
– High early compressive strengths
– Extended slump retention

for extended workability retention without retardation (up to 10 hours).

dedicated offer for precast tunnels segments: improved placeability, superior surface concrete finish/skin and high early compressive strengths.

CHRYSO®Dem demoulding oils, CHRYSO®Premia CHRYSO®Alpha adapted rheology with low water/cement ratio.

Enhancing building material performances

  • Low-energy building
    Delivering efficient concrete

    • Ultra-high Performance Concrete
    • Insulated concrete
    • Fibre-reinforced concrete
    • Durability of concrete
    • High pumpability and easy placeable concrete
  • Increased aesthetic durability of buildings
  • Waterproofing concrete constructions

Liquid cement-based screed system for efficient heating flooring.

Mineral foam and low lambda concrete.

Enhanced slump retention and pumpability
for demanding Jobsites and stringent specifications.

A unique global approach which comprises concrete mix design, dedicated testing and tailor-made admixture solutions for high durability of concrete structures.

Synthetic macrofibres and microfibres for structural reinforcement and increased durability.

Indoor and outdoor environmental quality and visual comfort.

Pore blocking and crystalline solutions for concrete waterproofing.

For decades, innovation for the construction materials has been dominated by performance (more resistance, less weight, easier to implement, faster, ….) and total cost of ownership. A new axis is entering into play: sustainable construction including themes like low-carbon construction and the reduction of the environmental impact from the construction to the exploitation of a building. The combination of these three dimensions brings exciting technical & marketing challenges for a company like ours! We have multiple technologic platforms to provide solutions to our customers and thanks to our renewed research efforts, we will actively participate on their side to the development of the construction industry who deeply cares about its environmental footprint.
Thierry Bernard

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