Materials sourcing / Quarries

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Materials sourcing (Quarries)
Materials sourcing (Quarries)

Enabling local use of sands and aggregates​

Fostering a circular economy through local supply streams ​

What if concrete producers could extend the possibilities of sourcing aggregates and sands closer to their production facilities with no compromise on concrete quality?​​

CHRYSO®Quad Water Reducers enable the use of complex aggregates: high clay contaminated sands, or recycled aggregates, sands with lacking fines, 100% manufactured sands’ and increasing the ratio of sands containing an excessive or too low proportion of fines.​​

This technology offers concrete producers access to local supply streams and foster circular economy solutions.​

Our admixture solutions:

  • CHRYSO®Quad

Our services:

  • Quad Lab & Quad Lab App: Tools available for our customers that have been developed to ensure proper use of the technology depending on the nature of aggregates & cements​
  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities​​

Improving grinding efficiency for high-fineness limestone

Limestone filler for construction applications

When used as a filler in construction applications, ground limestone can lead to some challenges quality-wise and process-wise.​

DARAGRIND® grinding aids improve the grinding process efficiency to achieve raw meal fineness and enhance the clinkerization reactions in the kiln. ​

DARAGRIND® is one of the largest product developments in the field of Grinding Additives for minerals, cement raw materials, coal, pure calcium carbonate, limestone, silica and quicklime.

Our admixture solutions:


Our services:

  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities