Immersed tunnel

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Immersed tunnel
Immersed tunnel

Admixture solutions for large precast elements

Deliver flawlessly the most challenging performances while saving time, money and CO2.

Whatever your requirements and production constraints, we deliver through a wide range of high performances products and the support of our specialists from concrete design to project completion.

Premia & Advacast superplasticizers allow for low thixotropy, low permeability and high early strengths concrete while Equalis and Optima 1000 unique workability retaining solutions allow for at will placement time and hydration temperature control. Clarol and Dem user friendly release agents increase your formwork shelf life and enable flawless concrete finish. Furthermore, our Eclipse, Serenis, CWA and synthetic fibers (Strux & Easyfinish) provide solutions for enhanced durability concrete in harsh environment. Finally, Enviromix and Turbocast solutions enable drastic reduction of your project’s carbon footprint.


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Our admixture solutions:

  • CHRYSO®Premia
  • CHRYSO®Optima 1000
  • CHRYSO®Xel
  • CHRYSO®Dem
  • CHRYSO®TurboCast
  • CHRYSO®Serenis
  • ADVA® Cast
  • PIERI® Clarol
  • STRUX®

Our services:

  • Definition of a tailored mix design
  • Carbon content optimization
  • Durability testing
  • On-site technical support and training

External waterproofing of immersed tube tunnels

Fully bonded, seamless, tough and durable waterproofing solutions developed to stand the test of time

INTEGRITANK® is a fully reactive elastomeric, cold spray-applied waterproofing system designed to outlast the design life of the tunnel. It is quick and easy to apply even around details, corners and penetrations, and provides a tough, durable, fully bonded membrane which is resistant to long term immersion in water. INTEGRITANK® can be electrically tested post application and prior to submersion and can be repaired whilst fully submerged.


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Our waterproofing solutions:


Our services:

  • Waterproofing design support
  • On-site technical support
  • Approved applicator network
  • Installation training
  • Environmental Product Declarations

Leak sealing and structural injection solutions

DE NEEF® Leaks Stop Here. Fast, Proven, Durable.

Our DE NEEF® injection materials are developed to bring the shortest possible injection cycles and give lasting solutions that reduces the risk of recurrence to the absolute minimum.

DE NEEF® injection resins are formulated and produced to be not water soluble and have no dilution loss or leaching during and after injection to bring the shortest possible injection cycles and give lasting solutions. DE NEEF® injection resins are extensively tested with more than 90% closed cells and a tested service life of up to 120 years for durable and proven results.


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Our injection solutions:

  • DE NEEF® 1C
  • DE NEEF® HA Flex LV AF
  • DE NEEF® HA Safefoam NF
  • Gelacryl Superflex

Our services:

  • Technical expertise supporting our applicators and contractors with method statements, technical solutions and extensive test data to deliver a proven and durable result