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A new partnership between CHRYSO and SENSOHIVE in deploying the innovative MATURIX™


Sensohive company develops innovative sensor solutions with a digital cloud platform and sets up a solution dedicated to concrete maturity:
the MaturixTM solution. The solution has been already used in more than 350 In Situ and Precast projects worldwide.

CHRYSO, a world leader in manufacturing additives for concrete and cement as well as developing added-value and innovative solutions for the building industry, will launch the MaturixTM solution in several countries.

Sensohive and CHRYSO teams

The MaturixTM solution is a cloud-based solution helping the construction industry to monitor concrete curing and hardening through hydration temperature measurements. The solution uses the IoT network Sigfox for its wireless data transfer to access the data from anywhere via the web portal. MaturixTM is one of the most advanced solution for concrete monitoring worldwide.

CHRYSO worldwide network of concrete experts and laboratories will allow the MaturixTM solution users to maximize the value created through increased productivity, optimized concrete deshuttering time, facilitated quality control and durability monitoring or mix design optimization. This solution will also contribute to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

“Through the association of major players such as CHRYSO in concrete industry and Sensohive, high-level digital solution, both experts in their field, the digital transformation will take place in the construction sector” announced Casper Harlev, Sensohive CEO“Sensohive is proud to share its technology and innovative expertise with CHRYSO, a leading actor in the concrete ecosystem and aim to enhance concrete quality and cost efficiency for the users.”

Jean Mascaro, CHRYSO Concrete BU Director declared “It is a great step for CHRYSO, embedded in a digital transformation for concrete industry focusing on customer added value services, to integrate this innovative solution with digital experts as Sensohive.”

This partnership combines specialized modern technology with expertise in the concrete industry to develop a new standard in concrete performance monitoring, documentation and prediction.

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