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CHRYSO supports the Asian cement market in its low carbon transition


Yesterday, CHRYSO participated in the virtual 2021 Cemtech conference “Asia’s transition to a low carbon future”. The company’s virtual presentation “New advanced strength enhancer technologies for clinker factor reduction” was largely webcasted in Asia.
The speaker, Mr Laurent Guillot, Western Europe Cement Business Development Director at CHRYSO, presented the two levers to reduce clinker factor in Cement:

  • Firstly, strength activation and quality improvement which allow for cement performance improvement with
    CHRYSO®AMA 100 EL.
  • Secondly, the ability to boost cement performance despite process bottleneck with CHRYSO®ICARE .

In a context where cement additions are more and more complex, strength enhancers play a key role.
CHRYSO®AMA 100 EL, latest generation of strength enhancers, allows to reduce carbon footprint of blended cement and addresses new types of cements. For example, PCC composite cements which are booming in India or new Calicined clay-based cement to come.
CHRYSO has demonstrated the direct impact of such additive in a Cement plant located in the Philippines. A tailor-made strength enhancer CHRYSO®AMA 134 EL used in a T1P Cement with pozzolanic additions and limestone significantly reduces by 4% the clinker factor converting into a 32Kg of CO2 reduction per ton of Cement.

CHRYSO has developed a deep understanding of the major process issues and the importance of powder flowability and transport during grinding operations.
CHRYSO®ICARE patented technology provides new levels of performance through process efficiency improvement.
This technology has obtained significant results in India both for OPC Cement in a traditional Ball Mill Process and PPC Cement in Vertical Roller Mill. CHRYSO®ICARE outstanding performance overtakes the Grinding process bottleneck allowing to reduce reducing clinker factor.

CHRYSO has a local presence in Asia, with subsidiaries in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and an extensive distribution network that allows it to be close to its customers.
With its regional R&D centre in Asia and local applicative labs, CHRYSO has developed a solid know-how in blended cements and is at the forefront of innovation, designing tailor-made and disruptive additives for low carbon cements.

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