Project description

The 2nd phase of the construction of the luxury development in Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus, with a budget of € 164 million includes a variety of residential, commercial and cultural uses.
Specifically, this project comprises the construction of two towers, a complex of villas and commercial buildings.

The two 27 and 28 floor towers will exceed 115 meters high, totaling 28,000m2 and 30,000m2 respectively and will house luxurious apartments. 36 villas shall be constructed totaling a 20,000m2 area. The commercial buildings shall consist of a mix area of Retail, Food and Beverage, Event Center, Yacht club and Parking, totalling more than 8,000m2.

CHRYSO expertise

The construction site represents a total of approximately 100,000 m3 of concrete. Different concrete mix designs were used: compressive strength grades up to C70/85 with slump retention S5 for 60 minutes.

Thirteen inclined columns were casted with Self Compacting Concrete of grade C70/85 having the following properties: SF2,VS2/VF2,PA2 and compressive strength at 28 days above 92MPa.
CHRYSO®Optima 145 was selected:
– to tackle the challenge of high water reduction (for high strength development) combined with a workability retention of 60 min.
– to provide excellent robustness in regards of the variability of the mix designs used for this project.


  • Superplasticizer: CHRYSO®Optima 145
  • Tailor-made superplasticizer: CHRYSO®Optima G91
  • Retarder: CHRYSO®Plast Cel

Project technical challenges

Challenging local aggregates

The local aggregates (dolerite diabasic) have low fines and complex geometry (shape factor).
Thanks to CHRYSO’s in-depth expertise on challenging sands, a tailor-made superplasticizer CHRYSO®Optima G91 has been specifically designed to overcome segregation and bleeding potential issues of highly flowable concrete that include sand with low fines content.

CHRYSO and the local Nordia* team managed to offer the best techno-commercial solution according to the project specific needs

* Nordia S.A: Εxclusive CHRYSO distributor and licensed producer for Greece and Cyprus

Project participants

Constructor: TERNA OVERSEAS Ltd
Concrete supplier: TERNA OVERSEAS Ltd (in situ batching plant)
Structural Engineers:  A. J. Pericleous LLC – Thornton Tomasetti Inc.

Photo credits : TERNA OVERSEAS


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