Jobsite description

The Grand Paris Express  (France) is the largest urban project in Europe. Its ambition is to unite the major strategic areas of the Ile-de-France region, foremost among which is Paris and the heart of the Paris metropolitan area.
It represents 200 km of automatic lines and 68 stations. The four new Grand Paris Express lines (15, 16, 17 and 18), as well as line 14 extended to the north and south, will be connected to the existing transportation network.

Essentially underground, the new metro will cross the Greater Paris area to connect them to each other and to the capital. Thanks to it, it will be easier to get from one point to another in the Île-de-France region without passing through Paris, but also to reach the heart of the capital faster from its outskirts. The Grand Paris Express will serve the major business hubs (airports, business centers, research and university centers) and metropolitan areas that are currently difficult to access.

The Grand Paris is both a transportation and development project because all along this new network, the city will transform itself. With the construction of the 68 stations of the Grand Paris Express, a vast project has been launched to meet the strong growth in housing needs. In 2030, a growth of 1.5 million inhabitants is estimated in the Grand Paris area and the Grand Paris Express (GPE) is a response to this urban challenge.

CHRYSO expertise

CHRYSO participated in the admixture and concrete formulation of several batches of the future Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express.
To carry out this large-scale jobsite and meet the project’s technical specifications in the best possible way, a specific product offer was developed with the support of CHRYSO’s technical and R&D teams, for the manufacture of moulded wall concrete and tunnel segments. The CHRYSO®OPTIMA 1000 and CHRYSO®Tera technologies were selected.
The latter was used for the manufacture of the tunnel tunnel segments, key elements in this construction project, with a guarantee of quality finishing of the precast elements with a good placement and levelling of the concrete in a fresh state.

In addition to a product offer dedicated to the Grand Paris Express construction site, a specific logistics organization for this major project – which will last several years – has been set up in conjunction with CHRYSO’s partners. It made it possible to meet the weekly product requirements and a precise monitoring of the admixtures used.


  • Molded wall and civil engineering concrete: superplasticizer CHRYSO®OPTIMA 1340
  • Tunnel segments: CHRYSO®Tera 482

Project technical challenges

This major jobsite is associated with many technical challenges due to the configuration of the construction site: construction site in an urban environment and of great depth.
The workability of the concrete over a long period of time while maintaining its technical characteristics is an essential component for the success of this project.
Maintaining concrete workability for up to 10 hours and having a low viscosity, the CHRYSO®Optima 1340 solution was selected for the formulation of the concrete for the deep foundations and civil engineering of Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express.
The stability provided by CHRYSO®Optima 1340 and its technical and mechanical performance in fresh and hardened state, allowed the realization of the cast walls of the construction site, i.e. 580,000 m3 of concrete, the deepest of which reaches 75 meters, at the “Vert de Maison” Station.

Project participants

Contractor: La Société du Grand Paris

T2A batch:
General company: Bouygues Horizon
Ready Mix Concrete: Eqiom – SFB – Lafarge.
Tunnel segments: Stradal

T3A batch:
General company: Bouygues Horizon
Ready Mix Concrete: UB – Cemex
Tunnel segments: STRADAL

T3C batch:
General company: VINCI
Ready Mix Concrete: BPE UB – Cemex.
Tunnel segments: STRADAL


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