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A vast port expansion project has started in Sicily with the construction of infrastructure and the modernization of the port of Termini Imerese. The Port of Termini Imerese is located in the north of Sicily, in the province of Palermo.
At the end of this project, 5,000 concrete blocks (30 and 40 tons) must be produced for the protection of the port quay.

CHRYSO expertise

For this marine project, a special attention has been paid to the ecology. The concrete blocks were thus manufactured with anti-evaporation additives and natural CHRYSO fibers.
In fact, the undulatory movement to which the blocks are subjected causes over time the degradation of the surface part of the first installation; Eroded materials may thus be released and pollute the sea.
The solution to lower the environment impact is to use natural and biodegradable fibers.

CHRYSO®Fibre UF 500, made of natural origin (cellulose) and entirely biodegradable, have been selected for their respect for the environment. They also allow control of shrinkage phenomena within the concrete.
CHRYSO®Dem Eco 1, a demolding release agent, «Pure Vegetable”, designed from vegetable raw materials, was also selected for the construction of these blocks allowing safety for the users and the respect of the environment.


  • Admixtures : CHRYSO®Optisol 30
  • Fibres : CHRYSO®Fibre UF 500
  • Curing agents : CHRYSO®Curing Eco
  • Demolding agent : CHRYSO®Dem Eco 1

Project technical challenges

The production of the blocks takes place directly near their final destination; this allows greater control of the quality of the product and easier management of the same.  The logistics allow a reduction in costs and a reduction in the environmental impact.

Project participants

Project Studio: Vitone & Associati Ingg. Bonaduce and Renna (Italy)
Precast Concrete: Alem Srl (Italy)
Executing Company: Fincosit Srl and Soc. (Italy)


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