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The construction of the new dam of the Santolea reservoir (Spain), fed by the Guadalope river, began in November 2018.
Its dimensions are 230 meters long, with a maximum height of 60 meters above the foundations.
In parallel, a reinforced concrete evacuation tunnel, 175 meters long, with a section of 9×5 meters was built in order to evacuate the rubble due to the construction and the sludge contained in the reservoir.
The total capacity of the new reservoir will be 104 cubic hectometers.

CHRYSO expertise

The technical choice made for the construction of this new dam on the Santolea reservoir was roller compacted concrete (RCC), which was carried out in layers. RCC properties allow to obtain a monolithic, impervious and durable structure. One of the main advantage is its speed of execution compared to the traditional casting system, which was incompatible with the environmental and meteorological constraints of the project.


  • CHRYSO®Plast 600 and CHRYSO®Tard CLS
  • CHRYSO®Dem Elio M-28 DMR
  • CHRYSO®Maturix

Project technical challenges

The success of this project is linked to CHRYSO’s expertise for the development of a concrete mix-design adapted to the use of local resources.

CHRYSO provided its expertise for the deployment of roller compacted concrete by controlling the setting of the compacted concrete during the raising of the different layers that make up the heart of the dam, while optimizing the performance of the joints between these different layers.

CHRYSO has been able to minimize the residual stains due to demoulding of concrete walls by providing its expertise in demoulding agents. The solution proposed by CHRYSO also made it possible to facilitate the stripping of the walls, while minimizing the mold cleaning operations.

To control the evolution of temperatures and strengths during setting of concrete, the digital maturometry solution, CHRYSO®Maturix was used on the site.
This allowed a continuous monitoring of the temperature of the concrete and an optimization of the casting time of the different layers of concrete.
CHRYSO®Maturix is an effective technology with services dedicated to long term concrete monitoring, which completes the wide range of CHRYSO solutions for Roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

Project participants

Promoter : ACUAES


Realisation : ATE Presa de Santolea, formed by the companies Isolux-Corsán & Copisa


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