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The Mohammed VI Tower is the tallest building in Africa, rising to an impressive height of 250 metres. Located in the Moroccan city of Rabat, it was designed to be visible from a distance of 50 kilometres. With a total surface area of 102,800 m², the building consists of a tower set on a podium, reminiscent of a rocket on its launch pad. It is destined to become one of the symbols of Maghrebian culture. The project, which began on 9 March 2016, required an 80-metre-deep pile base to support the construction. Spread over 55 floors, it will house a variety of functions once completed, ranging from accommodation to hotels and offices. Work will be completed in 2024, with inauguration scheduled for the end of that year.

In addition to its impressive stature, the Mohammed VI Tower embodies modern civil engineering and meets the strictest environmental standards. Designed to meet international environmental quality standards, the project was awarded the prize for “Best performance in terms of engineering projects” at the “Caminos Madrid 2022” competition, organised by the Madrid College of Civil Engineers.


The CHRYSO®Cemfloor solution was chosen for its robustness to create fluid cement screeds for the heated floors inside the tower (office floors, flats), covering an area of 48,000 m². The first pour took place on the 42nd floor.

Around 1,800 m² were poured to test the screed’s performance and to adjust the formula, execution and installation. Intermittent pours are planned at a rate of 500 to 800 m² per day, for an estimated duration of 2 to 3 months.

A special pump was required to pour the screed with 180m of navigation including 140m vertically. The timing of the installation is carefully planned to ensure that the project progresses efficiently and coherently.


Screed solutions : Cemfloor C20 Admixtures

  • Chryso Optima 1700
  • Chryso Tard CHR

Project technical challenges

This project represents the first large-scale cement fluid screed project in Morocco, using the Cemfloor solution. To meet the needs of the site, a technical assistance team was set up to optimise the screed formulation.

For admixture, the Chryso range was used centrally, with CHRYSO® Optima 1700 and CHRYSO®Tard CHR, to give the screed optimum self-placing consistency.

Project participants

Projet : 

TGCC, leader marocain des travaux publics et du bâtiment 

SIXCO, filiale de China Railway Construction Corporation International (CRCCI) 

Maître d’ouvrage : Besix-TGCC Construction. 

Chape : 

Applicateur : H Sol Maroc. 

Production : ASMENT TEMARA Béton Temara groupe Votorantim. 

Distribution et suivi technique : APTEX 


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