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At the heart of the large-scale Euroméditerranée project in Marseille lies the Porte Bleue, an exceptional development comprising four separate buildings housing offices, homes and shops.

Launched in 2016-2017, this building evokes Mediterranean construction methods with its facades adorned with multiple concrete vaults. The brainchild of PietriArchitectes, the Porte Bleue is a bold architectural statement, inviting everyone to take part in the city’s new boom.


To produce the prefabricated parts, a low-carbon, self-leveling concrete was made using Teil’s white cement Ecocem slag to give the building its distinctive colour.

CHRYSO solutions played a crucial role in admixing this low-carbon concrete: the plasticiser CHRYSO®Optima 145 made it possible to obtain a fluid concrete while maintaining its workability, the viscosifier CHRYSO®Plast V90 reduced segregation and the material’s sensitivity to variations, and the bubble-reducing agent CHRYSO® AB 42 improved the facing quality of the precast parts. PIERI(r) Clarol 200 demoulding oil was also used to facilitate the demoulding process for concrete parts.


  • CHRYSO®Optima 145
  • CHRYSO®Plast V90
  • CHRYSO® AB 42
  • PIERI®Clarol 200 demoulding oil

Project technical challenges

This combination of materials and admixtures successfully met the challenges of the site, while guaranteeing durability, aesthetic quality and environmental performance. But it also participated to major concrete’s carbon footprint reduction, assessed at 25% to 30% from our customer.

Project participants

Architecture firm: PietriArchitectes

Client: Constructa Promotion

General contractors: GTM SUD/Vinci Contruction in partnership with Eiffage Construction

General contractor: BET Yves Garnier

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