8 September 20

CHRYSO, a world leader in construction chemicals, today announces its partnership with Solidia Technologies, a start-up inventor of revolutionary technology for green cement and concrete. The two companies will collaborate to improve the sustainability performance and material properties of Solidia® ultra-low CO2 concrete through their combined chemical expertise.

The partnership is underpinned by a long-term commitment from both companies to making sustainable solutions accessible to cement and concrete producers worldwide.
Solidia® sustainable technology is already available in the precast market and used for non-reinforced concrete elements. Solidia’s unique technologies are based on a revolutionary cement chemistry that can be produced at lower energies, significantly lowering carbon emissions, and that does not hydrate but carbonates by injection of CO2 into fresh concrete.

Combined, Solidia’s processes lower the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 70%, while reducing water and energy consumption. They also improve the performance and durability of concrete, which are further enhanced with new, sophisticated admixture solution.
CHRYSO draws on a solid knowledge of sustainable building materials. For more than 10 years, the company has been developing admixture solutions that allow the intensive use of alternative binders without compromising material performance.

The development of innovative admixture solutions adapted to Solidia’s new binder, boosting the final properties of concrete, is one of our R&D works in progress. This will enable higher strengths, an improved finish of the fresh concrete, and the optimization of the curing process. Together with Solidia, we will scale the use of low CO2 concrete, helping manufacturers produce high quality precast elements,” declared Jean Mascaro, Concrete BU director of CHRYSO.

Tom Schuler, president and CEO of Solidia Technologies, said: “Incorporating CHRYSO®’s exclusive water-reducing admixtures adapted to the specific chemistry of Solidia Concrete™, will further reduce water consumption in the curing process.
A key objective for the start-up is to improve cement and concrete production and performance while enhancing its environmental impact.
Tom Schuler added: “By cutting energy consumption during the curing process, CHRYSO will help us achieve our ambitions and reach higher levels of performance.

This partnership paves the way for upcoming advances in CO2 footprint reduction and new developments in sustainable chemistry. The deployment of new ultra-low C02 concrete will accelerate the decarbonization of the construction industry.


About the CHRYSO Group
Aimed at cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete and precast industrials, and construction companies, CHRYSO’s offer includes cement additives, concrete admixtures and Solutions for Construction Systems (waterproofing solutions, mortars, etc.). CHRYSO® solutions have won renown on the most prestigious construction sites throughout the world thanks to the group’s extensive network, which includes 22 foreign subsidiaries and covers more than 100 countries through its wide network of distributors, licensees and agents. The CHRYSO group employs over 1,300 staff worldwide. Innovation, customer service, expertise and technical know-how are the CHRYSO Group’s cornerstones.

About Solidia Technolgies
Solidia Technologies® is a cement and concrete technology company that makes it easy and profitable to use CO2 to manufacture superior, sustainable building materials. Each year, Solidia can eliminate at least 1.5 Gt of CO2, save 3 trillion liters of fresh water, reduce cement industry energy consumption by 67 Mt of coal, and eliminate 100 Mt of concrete waste landfill. Produced using the same raw materials and existing equipment, Solidia products are higher performing and cost less to produce than traditional concrete, and cure in less than 24 hours. Solidia offers a rapid, globally scalable response to one of the greatest threats to our planet.

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