CHRYSO®Quad: a range of admixtures and services for complex local sands and aggregates, in support of the circular economy

20 April 23

To support sustainable construction stakeholders, CHRYSO is strengthening its CHRYSO®Quad range and associated services in response to the challenges of the circular economy. CHRYSO promotes the use of complex aggregates sourced locally or from recycled concrete from deconstruction sites.

Dedicated services to characterize materials and adjust admixture solutions

It all starts with the analysis of sands using the patented CHRYSO®CLEAR Test method, which diagnoses the presence of swelling clay. Then, the dedicated CHRYSO®Quad Lab service allows CHRYSO experts to carry out a precise diagnosis of a series of additional parameters: particle size (to determine the lack or excess of fines), absorption, shape factors, etc.

Additionally, compaction tests are performed in CHRYSO’s application laboratories to consider all the parameters of the concrete mix design. Finally, the brand-new digitalized service CHRYSO®Quad App proposes the most suitable admixture solution based on the customer’s material characterization (sands and aggregates) and thus broadens the scope of potential supply sources.

The use of complex aggregates and sands while improving concrete performance

The customized CHRYSO®Quad admixture solutions are adjusted according to the available resources of complex sands and aggregates. This allows clients to gain flexibility by integrating new sands and aggregates into their concrete mix and overcome shortages or tensions in material supplies. CHRYSO experts accompany their clients in producing durable and robust concrete that can withstand material variations.

CHRYSO®Quad contributes to the circular economy and reduces the carbon footprint

By anticipating the constraints of quality and availability of local sands and aggregates, CHRYSO®Quad fully embraces a circular economy approach.

CHRYSO®Quad is a development lever for recycling materials from deconstruction, allowing for the recovery and use of recycled aggregates.

The use of local resources also contributes to reducing supply costs and decreasing the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of raw materials.

CHRYSO continues to deploy CHRYSO®Quad

To date, 9 million m3 of concrete have already benefited from CHRYSO®Quad solutions, including on large construction sites around the world. Leveraging its international network of application laboratories, CHRYSO provides answers to the sourcing challenges of aggregates faced by industry stakeholders.



With CHRYSO®Quad 870, a concrete industry player manages to use 100% of complex sands in its concrete formulation

To support a client in the south of France in optimizing the sand resources used in its concrete formulation, CHRYSO proposed its CHRYSO®Quad 870 solution, which improved productivity, concrete quality, and allowed for sourcing exclusively from local suppliers.

This industry player supplied his plant with sand from two quarries. A complex crushed sand, sourced from a quarry near the plant. A second “corrective” sand, from another quarry located 60km from the plant. Up to 50% of each sand was used in the different concrete mixes, which ranged from class S3 to S5.

In its specifications, the industry player requested that CHRYSO provides a solution to increase its capacity to use complex sands (with a high content of fines and the presence of clays). Thanks to the CHRYSO®Quad Lab service, sands were recovered and analyzed in the laboratory and in the plants. This allowed CHRYSO to design the customized CHRYSO®Quad 870 product. The first product testing phases were validated on site by sand variability checks carried out by the client using the CHRYSO®CLEAR Test kit.

As a result, the customer has extended the use of CHRYSO®Quad 870 to three other concrete plants and now uses 100% complex sand from a local quarry. The use of a single sand, with a constant dosage, brings a benefit of regularity in the production, reducing the weight of CEM II A cement in the design mix, which represents a 10% reduction of the carbon footprint. In addition, thanks to the exclusive use of short-distance sourcing, 24 lorry journeys per month have been avoided.


About Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals offers cement additives, concrete admixtures and specialty building materials, through the combined activities of Chryso and GCP. Its recent technologies for sustainable construction help reduce energy consumption, lower the carbon footprint of cements and concrete, and foster the circular economy. Leveraging its global manufacturing presence, Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals serves its customers through local sites in over 40 countries, employing over 2,700 people.

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