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The Outpost Al Barari project, located in Sealine, Mesaieed, Qatar, is an awe-inspiring desert retreat that embraces the essence of Qatar’s natural environment and cultural heritage. The resort is designed with 21 luxurious lodges, each featuring private pools, offering an exquisite fusion of nature-centric experiences and world-class hospitality.

The focal point of the project is the 2,250 square meters of waxed concrete, intended to deliver an enchanting and resilient surface. The surface preparation work commenced in the first week of September 2022, with the completion date set for the 15th of October 2022.

CHRYSO expertise

This project incorporates CHRYSO’s innovative and versatile product range. The CHRYSO® BetonCire microtopping offers a seamless and elegant flooring solution, providing durability and easy maintenance.

CHRYSO® Decowash and CHRYSO® DecoLav surface retarders enhance the exposed concrete by revealing the natural aggregate, resulting in a stunning natural look that complements the desert landscape.


  • CHRYSO® Decowash Nano
  • CHRYSO® DecoLav P03
  • CHRYSO® Color C 920
  • CHRYSO® BetonCire

Project technical challenges

The main contractor, Urban Landscape, was notably impressed by CHRYSO’s previous BetonCire work, which led to their confidence in CHRYSO’s capabilities for The Outpost Al Barari project. For this venture, CHRYSO delivered a custom “Café Crème Light” shade, using the pigment “Terre Ombre Chypre Natural,” which perfectly complements the desert rose color representative of Qatar’s rich natural landscape.

Project participants

Contractor: Urban Landscape

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