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With a total processing capacity of 12 million tonnes of bulk products per year, the mineral and bulk port of Bargny reinforces Senegal’s port platform, by allowing deep-draft vessels to load and unload their cargoes, where ports such as Dakar were no longer sufficient to meet these new standards.

The construction of the 1,485-meter offshore jetty offers up to 18 meters of draft, in order to meet the needs of new transport vessels exceeding 170,000 mt, thus offering Senegal a key role as an essential platform for maritime transport in Africa.

CHRYSO expertise

The pouring of the concrete slabs could be carried out at a high rate, thanks to the superplasticizer CHRYSO®Premia 310, particularly recommended for concrete requiring high concrete performance in the short and long term.
It was thus possible to reach a strenght level of 12Mpa 14 hours after the concrete was poured into the mold.


  • High water reducer Superplasticizer: CHRYSO®Fluid Premia 310

Project technical challenges

This work required, in a very short notice, the mobilization of teams and equipment in order to set up on site a manufacturing plant for metal piles and headers, as well as a precast unit for concrete slabs (792 slabs of 45 tons each).

The CHRYSO R&D technical support has enabled the development of concrete formulations meeting these requirements, but also to ensure the permeability to air, water and aggressive agents (sea water) in order to meet the problems of strength and durability of the structure over time.

Project participants

CUSTOMER: Senegal Minergy Port
NGE Contracting & LEDUC TP



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